If you like cute, lovable, fun pets, then you came to the right place! In the subtropical climate of the former planet Tillandsia, located at the far corner of the Andromeda galaxy, a species of half plant, half alien creatures thrived for millions of years. Tragically, these peaceful, kindhearted beings have been made nearly extinct by an errant asteroid that obliterated their home. As a silver lining though, moments before the asteroid struck, the brave elder Tillandsians were able to load all of the planet's newborns onto a spacecraft headed for Earth, where it miraculously managed to safely touch down. This generation of the plant-aliens that narrowly escaped destruction have become known as the Earthlingz, and they are all looking to be adopted into human homes! These friendly, adorable plant-aliens make charming companions that require little to no effort to look after; just enough to show that you care. After all, they are living, breathing creatures just like you! In turn, Earthlingz will fill your living space with love, positive vibes, clean, fresh air and provide you with infinite kind smiles that are sure to brighten your day. Adopt an Earthling into your home today and make a new friend that is out of this world!


Adopt your favourite Earthling today!

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All Earthlingz come with their own "Hello My Name Is" name tag located on the reverse side their body. Just grab a sharpie, come up with a cute name, and write it on your Earthlingz! What fun name will you give your new out of this world friend?

All Earthlingz come with a


Customize your Earthlingz with the accessories sticker pack included with every purchase. Does your out of this world friend like surfing? The beach? Or maybe you enjoy having a cocktail or two together. Whatever it is, we're sure you'll love accessorizing your Earthlingz as much as we do!

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